Cost management

Cost management

DBC Consultants is one of the leaders on the Russian market and a leading provider of cost management services for a wide range of clients in various industries and types of projects.

Our team has the necessary combination of knowledge, skills and experience to provide our services in order to ensure that our customers receive the greatest benefit both from our services and from their investments.

For us, cost management is a balance of technical knowledge and expertise, commercial understanding and teamwork. We provide customers with services in cost planning, analysis of construction requirements, cost development and development of a detailed list of volumes (BoQ) and project budget.

Costs are monitored through strict internal procedures and change/risk management processes, and our regular reports provide all the information necessary to control and monitor the financial performance of the project. Through regular performance of works on the organization of tenders for selection of contractors and services for assessment and cost management, we have at any given time the actual database of the cost of works / services / supplies / etc. in the Russian market.

Successful cost management requires the adoption of best procurement strategies to balance the often-contradictory requirements of the project regarding the risks, time, quality, design decisions, budgets.

Our team brings together experts from all relevant disciplines, allowing us to provide a complete, customized solution for each individual project.

Our cost management services include:

  • Feasibility study;
  • Conceptual cost planning;
  • Detailed costing;
  • Preparation of budget calculations;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Cash flow tracking;
  • Procurement strategy;
  • Tender management;
  • Negotiations on the conclusion of the contract;
  • Cost control, including:
    • interim valuation;
    • change management;
    • regular cost reporting;
    • claims management;
    • final cost calculation.

Our advantages:

  • We help to control and manage the costs associated with your project;
  • We provide greater confidence in the results;
  • We provide objective and effective advice;
  • We provide information that will help you make reasonable investment decisions;
  • We provide cost savings and value for money;
  • We carry out projects so that they are implemented on time, budget, quality and functionality;
  • We provide highly specialized specialists;
  • We offer solutions that work;
  • We quickly mobilize teams as needed.