Design services

Design services

“DBC Consultants” provides a full range of design services for various types of projects: residential, industrial, commercial, infrastructure, transportation. We carry out a full range of tasks, including conceptual development, documentation for obtaining construction permit and working documentation, conducting author supervision, technical support in state or non-state expertise, coordination of design documentation with all authorities. We work with complex and unique projects and have extensive experience in implementing various types of projects.

“DBC Consultants” performs the design of buildings and structures based on the high competence of employees and managers in full compliance with the requirements of building codes and urban planning regulations, our company has all the necessary licenses and permits to provide a wide range of design services.

Our company has all the necessary competencies to successfully perform the functions of general designer. The design department of “DBC Consultants” is staffed by experienced and highly qualified design engineers.

Design team of “DBC Consultants” has a high professional experience and reputation of a reliable and high-quality designer for our customers.

Our design services include:

  • Development and approval of the Task brief with the customer, including development of tack brief or engineering surveys;
  • Development of the architectural concept and master plan of the object; 
  • Development of preliminary technical and economic indicators of the facility; 
  • Assessment of possible risks;  
  • Development of tasks for obtaining the necessary initial data and permits; 
  • Functions of the General Designer; 
  • Development of design and working documentation, including:
    • Architectural solutions
    • Structural solutions
    • Interior design
    • Master plan
    • Information about engineering networks and equipment:
      • Ventilation and air conditioning systems;
      • Water supply and drainage system;
      • Lighting and power supply systems;
      • CCTV systems;
      • Access control systems;
      • Structured cable networks;
      • Fire alarm systems;
      • Fire extinguishing systems;
      • Warning systems and evacuation control;
      • Integrated security systems;
      • Special low-current and information systems;
      • Process solutions;
    • Construction method statement;
    • Environmental protection measures;
    • Fire safety measures;
    • Measures to ensure access for disabled people;
    • Measures to ensure energy efficiency;
    • Other documentation required by law;
  • Support of the developed design documentation in the Expertise, including the Glavgosekspertiza of Russia; 
  • Author supervision during the construction period; 
  • Evaluation of design and working documentation regarding the effectiveness and feasibility of design solutions, development of proposals for optimizing these decisions. 
  • Preparation of materials (tender package) for a tender for construction and installation works.

Our advantages:

  • Integrated approach

    Experience in the integrated implementation of projects, from the initial stages of design, to the completion of the design process allows us to guarantee the customer the achievement of goals and objectives.

    The specialists of our design department are attentive to each project, work out all possible options and provide the customer with design solutions taking into account the goals and objectives, the financial component, as well as the functional requirements.

    Our team sees the task comprehensively - this allows us to make optimal decisions in a timely manner.

  • High level of quality

    We pay special attention to all calculations and decisions made to ensure high reliability of design solutions.

    We provide the process of development of design documentation with the necessary level of application of advanced technologies and technical support so that our design documentation meets all the requirements that are necessary for the effective implementation of construction, operation and ensure the subsequent stages of the life cycle of the designed object.

  • Experience

    Our company performs design of objects, based on many years of experience in project implementation.

    We understand how to achieve the maximum possible result within the existing standards and building regulations and try to find an individual approach to each customer.

    Our many years of design experience allows us to find modern and effective integrated design and technical solutions for many complex tasks.

  • Efficiency

    Our solutions embedded in projects are always comprehensive and take into account safety, energy efficiency, operational characteristics and economic feasibility.

    When developing a project, we primarily care about achieving the most profitable and effective indicators for the customer.