Technical client

Technical client

“DBC Consultants” acts as a Technical Client in the implementation of construction projects.

We act as a professional partner of the Investor or Customer, protect their interests and ensure quality compliance at all stages of the preparation of design, engineering and construction of facilities.

On behalf of the Investor or the Customer, as a Technical Client, we carry out all the necessary actions aimed at the timely and proper fulfillment by all participants of the project of obligations with a view to the successful implementation of the project.

Involving “DBC Consultants” as a Technical Client will reduce administrative risks and ensure the implementation of the project on time and budget.

Our Technical Client services include:

Preparation of a full package of initial data (IRD)

  • Title documents;
  • Urban planning documentation;
  • Urban plan of the land plot (GPZU);
  • Results of engineering surveys;
  • Results of technical inspection of building structures (if necessary);
  • Technical conditions for connection to engineering networks;

Control Project design documentation

  • Preparation and approval of design assignments;
  • Ensuring effective interaction between the customer / investor and designers;
  • Implementation of control and technical support of design work;
  • Control and support of design documentation in expertize and approval of project documentation in due course;

Approvals of design documentation and obtaining a building permit

  • Obtaining a positive conclusion of expertize and other necessary approvals;
  • Technical support during the development of working documentation;
  • Preparation of a set of documents and execution of an application for a building permit;

Maintenance of the construction process

  • Obtaining permission to temporarily connect to communications;
  • Construction control over the construction and installation works;
  • Monitoring the implementation of author supervision;
  • Monitoring compliance with construction technologies, quality of work and regulatory requirements;
  • Control of amendments to the design documentation and their approval;
  • Collection of as-build documentation;
  • Representation of the interests of the Customer during inspections conducted by state supervision and construction control bodies, as well as other inspections and commissions;


  • Delivery of completed work to the Customer;
  • Organization of the work of acceptance commissions and commissioning of the facility;
  • Conclusion of contracts with operating organizations and suppliers of electricity, heat, gas, water, telephony, etc.
  • Transfer of the facility to the operating organization;
  • Obtaining permission to commission the facility;
  • Registration of ownership of the facility.

Our advantages:

  • We have all the necessary specialists, which we will use at every stage of the project.
  • Long-term experience of interaction with all authorities and contractors.
  • Experience in coordinating document flows on a project.
  • We have the required by current legislation membership in self-regulatory organizations in the following areas: engineering surveys, architectural design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, demolition of capital construction objects.
  • DBC Consultants has experienced staff with university education, listed in national registries of specialists.