Company founder

Carlos Abreu Duarte

Carlos Abreu Duarte

Position: General Director and co-founder

Carlos Abreu Duarte - CEO and co-founder of DBC Consultants. His main specialization is construction and project management, in particular, monitoring compliance with Russian legislation, the strategy for obtaining approvals and permits, managing the contracting process, as well as comprehensive technical surveys.

Carlos graduated from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) in 1987.

After that, he worked for several years on construction projects in their home country - Cuba, and then in 1995 he returned to Moscow and began working in «McHugh» company. In 2000, he joined the company "Hanscomb", where he was chief operating officer and continued to work in "the Savant" and "AECOM" until the creation of "DBC Consultants" in 2011, together with Andrew Donald Blythe.

Carlos took part in many industrial construction projects, including General Motors in Togliatti, Volvo / Renault in Kaluga, Peugoet / Citroen in Kaluga, General Electric in Kaluga, Bunge in Voronezh, SCA in Tula, and Cargill in Volgograd. In addition, Carlos has implemented a number of commercial facilities and fit-out projects. In addition, he carried out a large number of due diligence projects and developed a number of procurement strategies for different projects.



Position: Director and co-founder (1956–2019)

Andrew Blythe was the director and co-founder of DBC Consultants.

He specialized in cost management, with particular emphasis on feasibility studies, estimating, procurement and cost control.

Andrew had many years’ experience as a project manager in Russia.

Having graduated from Reading University in 1978 with BSc in quantity surveying, Andrew trained with Gardiner & Theobald in London, and became a member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered surveyors) in 1983. After two years in New Zealand, he joined Hanscomb in London and relocated with them to Moscow in 1985 to work on the new British Embassy project. He stayed in Moscow and continued to work for Hanscomb, Savant and AECOM before setting up DBC with Carlos in 2011.

During his time in Russia, apart from the new British Embassy project, Andrew worked on many well-known projects, such as City Palace in Moscow City, Gazprom Towers in St. Petersburg, General Motors in Tolyatti, PSA in Kaluga and Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg.