Gelendzhik Airport. Roof installation

Gelendzhik Airport. Roof installation

20 January 2021
Gelendzhik Airport. Roof installation

News from the site in Gelendzhik. Under the supervision of DBC Consultants, the installation of roofing elements began.

Its key elements will consist of more than 2,500 unique steel spheres and almost 12,000 bar elements. The roof structure itself is curvilinear with variable height, there are no analogues of this structure in airports across the Russian Federation today, but in European airports such architectural and technical solutions are quite common.

In addition to these works, the concrete works of the first and second floors of the terminal have already been almost completed, work continues on the installation of on-site engineering networks, the total length of which will be more than 55 km. All work are being conducted in strict accordance with the schedule.

Let us remind you that the new terminal complex of Gelendzhik airport is being built next to the existing terminal, area of new terminal will be more than 16,700 m2, and the capacity is 891 passengers per hour, due to which the airport will be able to serve more than 1,000,000 people per year. The project is being implemented by VTB Infrastructure Holding, a leader in the Russian infrastructure investment market, implementing large-scale strategic projects on the principles of public-private partnerships and concession agreements, and is also the largest investor in Russian infrastructure. The general contractor of the project is Acons Group (Alfa Story, LLC).

DBC Consultants acts as Project Manager and Technical Client. We thank our colleagues and partners for cooperation and teamwork!

Link to the press release on the Gelendzhik Airport website

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