Complex for the production of protein raw materials

Complex for the production of protein raw materials

Client: «Брянск Арго Строй»
Services: Design services
Schedule: 2018 – 2019

DBC Consultants acts as the General Designer for the project - the construction of a complex for the production of protein raw materials (oil and meal) in the Kromsky District, Oryol Region. The planned design capacity is 1200 tons / day for processing sunflower and soybeans, 800 tons / day for rapeseed processing.

The design team of DBC Consultants performs work on the development of design documentation and includes the following activities:

  • Development of design documentation in accordance with the Russian Federation Government Resolution dated 16-02-2008 number 87 "On the composition of design documentation and requirements to their content";
  • Technical support in the Expertise of the Stage P documentation and organization of the correction of the identified deficiencies during the examination, with the aim of obtaining a positive conclusion;
  • Development of Materials on Environmental Impact Assessment; Section “List of measures for environmental protection”; The project of the sanitary protection zone and environmental expertise;
  • Development of working documentation;

The designed facility consists of the following buildings and structures:

  • Silo grain storage;
  • Operational silos;
  • Point of reception of raw materials from vehicles;
  • Production workshop of the sections: "weighing and cleaning seeds", "preparation and pressing", "cleaning press oil", "crushing meal and granulation";
  • Production workshop of sections: “extraction”, “water hydration”;
  • Underground solvent storage;
  • Oil warehouse building;
  • Oil dispatch points for cars and railway transport;
  • Warehouse of finished products;
  • Cooling tower;
  • Conveyor overpasses and elevator towers;
  • Administrative building;
  • Дезбарьер;
  • Disbarrier;
  • Parking for trucks with raw materials and finished products (meal and oil);
  • Overpass for the steam pipeline from the existing production boiler room;
  • On-site engineering networks.

The completion of design work is scheduled for December 2019.